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The walk leaves the main North Arden Heritage Trail in Hurley village. Take the road out of the village heading west past the Post Office, and just past the ‘end-of-speed limit’ signs, and opposite the pumping station, bear right along the lane towards Camp Farm. Continue past the farm on your right, and head across the fields towards the buildings of the Rifle Range (1).

Skirt around the perimeter of the Rifle Range following the waymark signs. Cross the road [!], and head across the field towards the railway line. Bear to your right, going under the railway and into Kingsbury Linear Park. Go straight along the waymarked track to the rear of houses, across a footbridge, and exit onto the A51 Tamworth Road. Bear left and follow the footpath until you reach Hemlingford Mill (2).

Cross the road [!] and take the path over the River Tame into Kingsbury Water Park (3). Bear right and follow the river, re-crossing at the next footbridge. Head up the steps [!] towards Kingsbury Church (4). Go across the churchyard, in front of the church, and exit into Church Lane, passing The Old Vicarage, Teacher’s House and Kingsbury Board School (dating back to 1884) on your left.

the T-junction, bear left and follow the footpath a little way to see the Kingsbury Heritage Feature (5), at the junction of Trinity Road and Tamworth Road. Re-trace your footsteps to Church Lane, and then across the road [!], and back through Kingsbury Linear Park to your starting point at Hurley.

Points of interest

1. The Ministry of Defence rifle range is well used, do not enter the grounds when red flags are showing.

2. Hemlingford Mill was originally a water mill used for grinding corn, and for manufacturing gun barrels for muskets in the Napoleonic wars. In 1783 a single carriageway bridge was built over the river, this was washed away by a flash flood in the early 1980’s, being replaced by the existing concrete footbridge. Remains of the original bridge can still be seen at either side of the river.

3. Kingsbury Water Park, originally sand and gravel workings, was handed over to Warwickshire County Council and has now become a tourist attraction in its own right. It comprises of 15 lakes in over 600 acres of park, has many walks around, mostly on flat areas and is a mecca for birdwatchers.

4. The stones of the Church Porch show evidence of arrow sharpening grooves, reputed to have been done by soldiers, but more than likely done by hunting parties or locals who had to be proficient with a longbow.

5. A sculpture by husband and wife team Planet Art of Cannock, the Kingsbury Heritage Feature is a beautiful granite bench seat, over which a cast iron carved arch stands proud. Filled with images of the areas industrial heritage - mining, the brickworks, mill and the oil refinery, as well as agricultural carvings, images of the Water Park and the Coat of Arms of The Bracebridge Family…historic residents of Kingsbury Hall. The Trinity of Villages…Kingsbury, Wood End and Hurley are all depicted in this outstanding sculpture.

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