Memories of Fillongley


Taken from "I Remember Bare Bottoms and Stinging Nettles", Susan Moore






Connie Allinson (nee Northall), page 64 - Click here to download the transcript

Esna Balder (nee Cooke), page 67 - Click here to download the transcript

Graham Spencer, page 70. The Coventry Blitz - Click here to download the transcript


Taken from "I Remember Strawberries and Sewage", Susan Moore







Betty Coley, page 5. Fillongley Working Men's Club - Click here to download the transcript

Les Cox, page 8-11 - Click here to download the transcript

The Baker, Making Bread, Lighting the Ovens, Strawberries and Sewage, Killing the Beasts, The Workhouse, Change out of Sixpence.

Bob Scattergood, page 12-14 - Click here to download the transcript

Mormon Chapel Grocery Shop, Durham Ox, Parish Pay, Godmothers, Jack Tandy - Blackhall Farm, Church Choir, JP Blackham - The Mount, Blabers Hall, Romany Gypsies.

Harry Kelsey, page 35-37 - Click here to download the transcript

Family Connections, Letter of Recommendation, First World War, Stonehouse Farm, Milking the Cows, Fillongley Show, "Rene Watson", Fillongley Church Door, The Snake Well, Crossways Cottages, Self-sufficient Village, Tip Cat, Wokring Mens Club.


Taken from "My Farming Life"


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Bob Windridge b. 1932 Astley, and Rossie Windridge (nee Woodfield), b.1933, Fillongley. - Click here to download the transcript

Bob and Rossie remember their individual family roots in farming and how they met through Young Farmers. They describe mixed farming on their own farm tenancies and how they developed Old Hall Farm. We hear about the construction of the M6 and about the farmhouse. Bob and Rossie finish by talking about Fillongley show.>

Mollie Hassall (nee Burman) - Click here to download the transcript

Mollie tells us about visits to Hurdle Hall Farm near Elmdon where the NEC now stands, and remembers very fondly her Uncle Percy and Aunt Dollie’s generosity. She also recalls her family home at Packwood farm and the day to day life there as a child.

Margaret Jean Kimbrell (known as Jean and Jaffy) - Click here to download the transcript born 31.8.1941 at Poddy Cottage on Manor Farm, Keresley.

Jean tells us about her memories of Manor Farm; helping out as a child and later when she was married. She describes the role of her mother and how she ran the household. Her brother, Roger, recalls their father dealing with the children who came potato picking. Jean looks back at the pleasures of farming life.

Interview with Roger Knowles born at Keresley 4 July 1929, and his sister, Margaret Jean Kimbrell (known as Jean). - Click here to download the transcript

Roger Knowles and his sister, Jean Kimbrell, recall childhood memories of life at Corley Hall and later at Manor Farm, Corley. They talk in detail about their grandparents and parents farming and their lifestyles before electricity was installed; the immediate impact of World War II; and later changes in milk production and retailing.>