Memories of Atherstone

Taken from "My Farming Life"




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Norman Spence, b. 1927, West Kilbride - Click here to download the transcript

Norman talks about the veterinary practice he ran in Atherstone, and his observations and experiences of farming over the last 60 years. We hear about the day-to-day work of a rural vet’s practice and anecdotes from North Warwickshire.

Mac and Rosemary Bennett - Click here to download the transcript

We hear from Mac about his family roots in Staffordshire and how he and Rosemary moved to the Dugdale estate for a larger farm. We hear about the development of the dairy farm and how Rosemary and the children played a role. Rosemary tells us about the farm house, and we hear about their achievements.

Andrew and Yvonne Trivett - Click here to download the transcript

As two of the youngest contributors to the project, Andrew and Yvonne recall farming from the 1970s onwards. They compare memories of the mixed farming of their childhood days and the changes they witnessed as agriculture became more specialised and farm sizes grew.