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Leave the Reservoir car park, taking the path to the left around the top of the large reservoir (1), and continuing around the far side. On reaching the eastern end, go down the steps and take the footbridge across the brook, passing the small reservoir on your right, over the River Bourne, and turn right onto the path alongside the railway. Follow this waymarked path, going back over the river, around the rear of a house, to the gate at the end of the wooded area.

Short Walk

Turn right following the waymarked path, with the wooded area to your right, eventually joining Bixhill Lane. Continue straight on along the lane passing a house on the right and finally bearing right at the main road opposite the ‘Plough’ pub, and then following the footpath back to the Reservoir car park.

Middle & Long Walks

Go straight to the gate in the hedge ahead, and bearing left follow the waymarked path around the edge of the field, ignoring a path to the left under the railway, and leaving it through another gate onto the B4114 Coleshill Road. Bear left, and walk along the grass verge, crossing the road [!] to a gate opposite. Follow the waymarked path past Shustoke Church (2), continuing along a driveway to Shawbury Lane. Cross the lane to a gate leading to a waymarked path through a spinney, and across two fields to a meeting of paths.

* At this point follow the instructions below for the Long Walk.

For the Middle Walk bear right before the gate, taking the waymarked path across fields towards a conifer wood, eventually entering the wood, and then leaving it again by the path to the left. Continue straight on, past a pond on the left, along the fieldpath, which becomes a track, and then joins a road, Hollyland. Carry straight on past houses to the junction with Moat House Lane, joining the main North Arden Heritage Trail.

* At this point the Long Walk re-joins the Middle Walk.

Take the waymarked path through a gate opposite Moat House Lane, and to the right of the Cottage, and head towards the farm buildings and houses across the field. Go through two gates to the Lower Green, a grassy area with carved stepping stones – The Shustoke Heritage Feature (3). Turn left along Back Lane into Shustoke village, crossing the B4114 Coleshill Road [!], and then following the footpath back to the left to the Reservoir car park.

Long Walk

Go through the gate, and continue straight on across the fields until you reach Moat House Lane. Bear right along the lane to the marked opening into the field at the next bend. Follow this waymarked path across fields and past a cottage, ‘The Metlins’. Follow the path across two more fields to a footbridge crossing a stream, and then climb up through Dumble Wood. At a gate you join with the main North Arden Heritage Trail turning right. Continue along the perimeter of the wood, with Dumble Farm on your left, crossing the stream again, and following the waymark signs across four fields, finally passing Hall Farm on the right. Exit through a gate onto Moat House Lane, and follow the lane, passing Cottage Farm, to it’s junction with Hollyland. Re-join the Middle Walk above.

Points of interest

1. Shustoke Reservoir was built in Victorian times for water storage and distribution by Birmingham City Council, but is now run and maintained by Severn Trent Water. There are pleasant walks around the reservoir, and it is also a Mecca for bird watchers, with unusual birds stopping-off on occasions.

2. Shustoke Church of St Cuthbert’s was erected in 1307 on the site of an earlier church or chapel. On the 1st June 1886 this church was struck by lightning and destroyed, being subsequently re-built. The grave of the famous historian Sir William Dugdale can be found in the Church.

3. The Shustoke Heritage Feature: The Shustoke Heritage Interpretation Feature is a series of stepping stones across the green – created by artist Michael Scheuermann. Each stone represents an aspect of Shustoke’s natural or industrial heritage…from the railway, Blythe Hall and the Church, to the pheasant hunter and his dog, and images of the reservoir. Carved in granite, the stones should show the way for Trail walkers for many years to come.

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